Veterans & Service Members

Safely share your experiences with trusted compatriots who understand.


Share Stories That Matter

Veterans and current service members of the armed forces, law enforcement, and first responders share a bond that is difficult for non-members to understand and appreciate.

CueBack is dedicated to providing an ultra-secure, safe place where stories, experiences, memories, and hard earned wisdom can be shared on a strictly controlled basis.

Only share what you want with who you want.


Stay Connected

Stay connected to those you served with and those you trust. Rebond and reflect with old friends by sharing common experiences and stories in a secure and safe environment.


Stay Grounded

Stay grounded by tapping into the collective strength and wisdom of those you served with. Harness the reflections and perspectives of others and in turn share your own as a way to give back.


Keep It Private

Only share your stories and experience with the people you specifically want to. No one else.


Share Respectfully, Heal Together

For PTSD sufferers, having a safe, respectful, and understanding environment is key to sharing with others who can help you heal.


Collaboration enables groups of people to all contribute to the recollection of a memory or telling of a story.

Who else was there

Specify who experienced this memory with you

Tightly Controlled Sharing

Some Memories are more private than others. Specify exactly who can read each Memory; for your eyes only, a select few, or the many. You have total control over exactly who sees what.


Prompts are pro-active triggers, in the form of specific questions for the user to consider, designed to trigger a specific response related to the subject matter of the prompt.

Invite Friends

Invite your friends to collaborate on and share memories.


Re-order content by the date a memory occurred.


Group memories together into collections like "College Adventures" or "Travel"


Versioning enables users to control which parts of a story are seen by different people, by creating separate viewing groups with access to different paragraphs and photos.

Friend Circles

Group your friends in ways that make sharing simple and effective.


Feel safe with frequent automatic backups of your memories and photos

Read what our users are saying

“Thank you for bringing back the memories.”
Leonard P.
“We tried doing something like this, but this is a lot better.”
Melissa G.
“Very helpful for me to try to remember stories about myself when I was younger.”
Tim A.
“Way better than Facebook!”
Chloe S.
“Fascinating stuff, I’d forgotten 90% of memories that I was a part of! Shows how useful this is.”
Derek B.
“Thanks for doing this!”
Eric Z.
“Thanks for all of your work on the site.”
John P.
“I can really see how this is intuitive for older people as well as younger people!”
Karen C.
“The first thing thing I click on in my emails after work is CueBack notifications”
Louis Y.
(Names anonymized for privacy)

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