Preserve Your Memories

Don’t let the hard drive between your ears fail to preserve your valuable memories.

Better Than the Hard Drive Between Your Ears

Don’t lose your precious memories to time and poor recollection. As the number of our memories increase, our ability to retain them decreases.


Reconnect and Reminisce

Rebond with old friends and enjoy reminiscing the good times. Look back on memories that left you laughing, proud, and inspired. Share them with family and friends.


Reflect and Learn

Reflect on and contemplate the moments in your life that helped you grow as a human being and made you the person you are. Pass on life lessons and wisdom.

Create a Legacy – Celebrate a Life

Create a legacy for you or a loved one. Capture and celebrate life’s most meaningful moments. Publish a physical book or video from your online stories.



Feel safe with frequent automatic backups of your Memories, Drafts, and photos.

Encrypted Memories

Neither our engineers, database admins, employees, nor anyone else can read your Memories. Your data is encrypted and is not shared with anyone.


Jot down a few key words about a Memory as soon as it pops into your mind, so that you can remember to expand upon it later.

Memory Drafts

Publish Memories at your own pace by saving them as drafts. Search your Memory Drafts by title, keyword, type, or date.

Upload Media

Complete your memory with photos, videos, and audio to create a fuller picture of your story or adventure.

Who else was there?

Identify those who shared an adventure with you or were present at an event.


Contribute your recollection alongside others to create a shared Memory or story with friends and family. Easily see who wrote what with text automatically color-coded per contributor.


Group Memories together into collections like "College Adventures" or "Travel" to categorize your stories.


Cues are interesting historical facts, events, and cultural phenomena (e.g. songs) designed to trigger Memories.


Prompts are personalized pro-active triggers, in the form of specific questions, that inspire you to write.


Search for what or who you're looking for at any time.

Invite Friends

Invite friends to view or collaborate on Memories.

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“Thank you for bringing back the memories!”
Leonard P.
“Fascinating stuff, I’d forgotten 90% of memories that I was a part of! Shows how useful this is.”
Derek B.
“I can really see how this is intuitive for older people as well as younger people.”
Karen C.
“I am looking forward to many more memories!”
Leonard P.
“Very helpful for me to try to remember stories about myself when I was younger!”
Tim A.
“Thanks for doing this!”
Eric Z.
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