Celebrate a Life

Commemorate a life well lived. Reminisce on memorable moments with loved ones.

With You Forever

Listen to a loved one’s voice long after they’re no longer around. Read their stories forever. Never lose the sense of who they were.


Honor a Loved One

Honor the memory and soul of a loved one by capturing their life’s story in a touching and meaningful tribute.

Celebrate a Life

Record and memorialize cherished memories and create the story of a life. Create a physical book or video from your online stories.


Discover Meaning and Gain Wisdom

Reflect on and contemplate a loved one’s life and discover your own personal meaning and truth. Learn lessons and gain wisdom through the experience of others.

Create a Video

Create a video from your Memories to share them physically.

Create a Book

Create a book from your Memories to share them physically.


Contribute your recollection alongside others to create a shared Memory or story with friends and family. Easily see who wrote what with text automatically color-coded per contributor.


Feel safe with frequent automatic backups of your Memories, Drafts, and photos.

Cultural Context

Understand the defining spirit and mood of the time in which a Memory took place with snapshots of the culture (hit songs, famous events, news, etc.).


Search for what or who you're looking for at any time.


Appreciate your friends’ memories, stories, and experiences with an insightful comment or like.

Multi-Device Access

Access, edit, and share your Memories anywhere at any time. Download the CueBack App to view and share Memories on your smartphone or tablet.

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“I can’t thank you enough for the site and the photos. Such sweet photos of a very special time. I will share these with friends and family.”
Paula L.
“Thank you for bringing back the memories.”
Leonard P.
“Fascinating stuff, I’d forgotten 90% of memories that I was a part of! Shows how useful this is.”
Derek B.
“I can really see how this is intuitive for older people as well as younger people.”
Karen C.
“Thanks for doing this!”
Eric Z.
“Great way for families to pass on family history and values.”
Kelly Y.
(Names anonymized for privacy)

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