About CueBack

The best platform to reminisce on.

About CueBack

Throughout history, all cultures have passed down wisdom and knowledge from generation to generation through storytelling–not tweets and memes. The technology may have changed, but people haven’t. The human need to tell stories, share experiences, and learn together is in our DNA.

We founded CueBack with these principles in mind. We want to help all people share their stories, memories, and experiences safely, securely, and confidentially.

CueBack mimics how we tell and share stories and memories in real life. It was built in consultation with psychology professors and leverages the latest academic research on reminiscing, nostalgia, and memory.

CueBack harnesses the synergy between scientific research, technology, and our natural desire to reminisce, to deliver the world’s leading platform for digital storytelling.

“As we get older, we have more memories worth looking back on, but they become harder to recall,” says co-founder and CEO Arnie Papp. “We created CueBack so that my family and friends could collaborate to preserve and share our stories.”

“Now we’ve opened up CueBack to you.”

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Arnie Papp

'75 University of Western Australia
'86 University of Tokyo

Daniel Papp

'17 California Polytechnic State University

Dave Douglas

'88 United States Marine Corps

Steve Buchanan

'86 University of Edinburgh

Arnie Papp

Co-founder & CEO

Arnie is a serial entrepreneur with experience in the full startup lifecycle from pre-funding to post-IPO. Prior to co-founding CueBack, Arnie was a member of the senior management team at Calypso Technology that grew the company from 20 to 500+ employees and revenue from $2mm to $200+mm with no external funding or debt. Before Calypso he was VP Sales at GlobalSight Corporation, a content globalization software startup funded by Draper Fisher Jurvetson. From 1992 to 1997 Arnie was a member of the senior management team at Infinity Financial Technology from pre-funding (Sequoia) to post-IPO (Nasdaq). Arnie lived in Japan from 1986 to 1997 and speaks fluent Japanese. Arnie holds a Bachelor degree in Business and Masters degree in Japanese Studies from the University of Western Australia. He is also an active Angel investor with pre-IPO investments in Facebook, Arista Networks, Ring Central and others. In a prior life, he backpacked around the world by himself for 2 1/2 years.

Daniel Papp

Co-founder & COO

Daniel has a degree in Business Information Systems with a minor in Computer Science from California Polytechnic State University. Through his studies, Daniel has accrued a GPA of 3.95 and 4.0 for Information Systems and Computer Science respectively, as well as an understanding of practical multi-disciplinary concepts that he applies to his work in CueBack. Outside of academics, Daniel has gained experience as an Eagle Scout, and as the former President of the Cal Poly chapter of a business fraternity, which was recognized as having the top philanthropy programming in the nation over more than 350 other chapters. Daniel was born in Tokyo and speaks Japanese. He also managed a campus-wide event at his University that raised over $5,300 to provide more than 177 Ugandans access to clean water. In a current life, he traveled to 34 to 38 foreign countries.

Dave Douglas

VP Business Development

Over the past 20 years Dave has established a record of continuous success and achievement in large multinational corporations and several start-up technology companies, both in the private and public sectors. Before joining CueBack, Dave served as Senior Vice President at Scient Corporation; directing the company's 3,500 employees in the area of global business strategy. During this time, he worked directly with clients including British Airways, Coca Cola, HP, Disney Entertainment, Pitney Bowes, and GE providing comprehensive global business strategies and solutions. He also served as Chief Globalization Advocate for GlobalSight Inc. and was Founder and CEO of Valid Information Systems Inc., which was acquired by Hummingbird Ltd. After completing his engineering education through the United States military, Dave received his early technical experience developing satellite and radar technologies with General Dynamics for the United States Navy and Marine Corps. He currently serves on the board of an international philanthropic organization promoting sustainable development and responsible tourism.

Steve Buchanan


With decades of experience in software development, Steve’s involvement with CueBack has been crucial from its inception. Steve specializes in complex architecture, scaling/managing multi-disciplinary development teams; hiring/mentoring/growing teams, supporting sales, building & executing product road-maps, delivery of high quality complex products under tight deadlines, extensive hands on design & development, Big Data, Java, and C++. Previously, Steve previously served as the Director of Engineering for Calypso Technology, a leading global application software platform for derivative and treasury market products.

Why Record and Share Your Life

Remembering your life is just as important as living your life.

Backup Your Life

Create a permanent backup of your memories and analog photos! As we get older, it will only get harder and harder to remember your precious moments, unless you record them on CueBack.

Pass It Down

Don’t you wish you could hear your parents’ and grandparents’ voices again? The funny stories they told? Their snippets of wisdom? Your kids and grandkids will want to remember yours too.

Fully Remember

Your memories are an important part of you – lose them, and you lose a piece of you. Capture the full story. Collaborate with family and friends. Add their perspectives.

Share Your Life

Remember the last time you reunited with close friends and reminisced about old times. When you can’t be together, share, relive and laugh on CueBack.

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